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TIA is an Indianapolis-based, local independent investment advisory firm. TIA was founded in 1987 by Larry K. Pitts who had served as Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Trust Officer for American Fletcher National Bank and Trust -- Indiana's largest independent national bank -- now J.P. Morgan Chase. Based on his leadership, the firm has developed portfolios which offer a variety of investment equity styles to clients.

100% of TIA's mission is devoted to providing outstanding client service and long term risk-adjusted investment returns. Investment advice is the only business of TIA. Our investment process has been proven for over 30 years. 

The TIA team is deep and with broad expertise in the field of investments. And, team members have had many years of working together. As Founder Larry Pitts said "Talented people plus a proven process equals investment performance!" 

In initial meetings with clients, TIA determines the individual or institution's objectives, time horizons, risk tolerance, and income requirements. TIA's investment strategy determines an appropriate asset allocation for the client and utilizes our equity styles. Client portfolios are reviewed and evaluated quarterly.

Call TIA today at 317-253-2000 to begin the conversation. 


The client management team brings a lifetime of business expertise. TIA team members bring an average of over 20 years in the financial field.

The philosophy of the team is to preserve and enhance capital. Their experience will help guide your investments.


All products and services were developed through TIA's fundamental investment research.

A focus on preferred and dividend paying stocks provides distinctive products with a desirable combination of lower volatility and above average appreciation.

These portfolios and services are available to individual investors, institutions, and brokerage firms


TIA develops equity styles for different client objectives.

Each client is treated individually. Specific suitability needs and requirements are factored into each separately managed account.

The client's financial needs are TIA's sole concern. TIA does not benefit from transaction fees, nor does it sell proprietary products such as annuities or mutual funds.