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Independent Equity Research


The foundation of Trust Investment Advisor's Equity Process is the development of equity style portfolios for various asset classes and their application to individual client's portfolios.

The development of this investing philosophy is identified on the About page. The application of this approach is detailed on the Equity Styles page.

Our fundamental stock research distinguishes TIA from many other investment management firms. The client's Portfolio Manager is a member of our Investment Committee, and fully participates in our investing decisions.

Client Benefits

  • The relationship with the client is seamless -- from initial interview, through the specific equity styles chosen, to the actual investment decisions made.
  • Clients receive a monthly statement from their custodian.
  • Clients also receive a comprehensive quarterly review of their account.

Past Performance

Past performance is no guarantee of future results. However, TIA has realized significant benefits from its proven investment process:

  • Above S&P 500 returns during the "lost decade" of 2000 to 2010
  • Created a new Corporate Preferred Income Portfolio for the best quality relative yields
  • Designed a Covered Call strategy to increase client portfolio income

As a result of TIA's innovative investment portfolio services, the client base has expanded to brokerage firms to offer these unique services to their clients.

Equity Process

TIA's process begins with a database of 14,000 stocks and TIA's investment guidelines. TIA then selects the equities which qualify for specific equity portfolios. From those, TIA selects the "undervalued" stocks. From that group, TIA selects those which best suit the equity style at this point in time.

The Sell process is just as important as the Buy process. TIA uses the following criteria for determining when to sell a stock:

  • Stock achieves Target Price
  • Fundamentals Deteriorate
  • Opportunity to Buy a Better Stock

TIA has a policy of staying fully invested at all times and doesn't engage in "market timing." We do reduce stock market risk by reducing the percentage allocation to equities at times of perceived risk.

Account Reviews

Our Investment Committee meets on a regular basis to manage the equity style portfolios. Each equity style is designed to meet a particular investment goal and is incorporated in an overall investment strategy for each client.

The stock selection research for each equity style has two components:

  • a screening to determine stocks meeting TIA's guidelines for consideration in the specific portfolio, and
  • a valuation matrix to determine the relative attractiveness of stocks.

The guidelines for purchase and sell decisions are identified for each equity style.


Fundamental Research

TIA uses fundamental research analysis as its primary selection method. TIA applies its own independent and proprietary valuation techniques to determine the attractiveness of a security.

Technical Analysis

TIA uses technical analysis only as a supplement to their investment process. Technical analysis identifies past market movements and applies those patterns to the present. This can show recurring patterns of investor behavior and potentially predict future price movement.

Qualitative Analysis

TIA subjectively evaluates non-quantifiable factors such as quality of management, industry sector, management attitude towards shareholders, strength of research and development, and factors not readily subject to measurement which help predict changes to share price based on that data.


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