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"TIA's Fundamentals" and "TIA's Equity Styles" provide insight into the distinctive investment approach offered by TIA. Each video runs about 4 minutes and provides an overview of the TIA style.

TIA's Fundamentals

January 9, 2014

TIA's fundamentals consist of 1. Individual security selection -- through a process implemented through an investment committee, 2. Personalized portfolio management -- clients' financial objectives are managed by a portfolio manager who sits on the investment committee, and 3. Account transparency -- TIA communicates regularly to clients on a broad and personal level. Video length: 4 minutes.

TIA's Equity Styles

January 9, 2014

TIA's equity styles comprise: income, value and growth. This video describes the genesis of each of the equity styles, their purpose and value in an investor's portfolio. Video length: 4 minutes.

TIA's Team Profiles

July 15, 2014

Trust Investment Advisor's investment team.


TIA'S Perspectives

Videos in the "TIA's Perspectives" category run between 25 and 30 minutes. These offer more in-depth analysis of various timely topics in the financial world. Feel free to visit and catch up with the latest.

TIA's Equity Process

January 9, 2014

The process by which TIA selects equities for various portfolios is explained. The pyramid offers a graphical image of the process by which a constellation of 15,000 equities is analyzed and filtered by various criteria to arrive at the appropriate selection. Video length: 25 minutes.

Preferreds for All Reasons

December 4, 2014

This video discusses the three yield strategies in the TIA Preferred Income Portfolios -- taxable, tax preference and cash management.

TIA's 7% Perpetual Preferreds

July 14, 2014

This video discusses TIA's 3 income investment strategies-equities, covered calls and preferred stocks.

100 Years in the Making

November 13, 2013

An overview of the Federal Reserve System, its purpose, history, and value for stability in economic markets. Video length: 25 minutes.

Covered Calls

March 11, 2014

Introduction to how covered calls fit with our income investment strategy.

Preferred Stocks are a Bridge to Higher Interest Rates

March 11, 2014

TIA explains how preferred stocks provide a better-than-market return in a rising interest rate environment.

Planes, Trains and Autos--Sector Allocation

April 24, 2014

In this video TIA discusses sector analysis, asset allocation and stock sector selection by way of equity guidelines as to sector concentration. Introduction of the Fed Model for market forecasting. Presents examples of asset allocation as to stocks vs bonds.

TIA's Investment Income Strategies

July 14, 2014

This video discusses TIA's 3 income investment strategies-equities, covered calls and preferred stocks.

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